The InQbator@teachersvillage features professionals presenting the latest ideas in an array of topics in education policy, technology, arts and sciences, according to a curriculum designed with input from residents. RBH Group is bringing a university partner to Teachers Village to provide core curriculum and content as part of a larger project called the “Q”. Working with groups such as 4.0 Schools the InQbator will invite local educators and area universities to provide additional relevant content for this innovative learning center.


Residents living at Teachers Village will be able to access programs offered at the InQbator. Every program, within the facility will present an opportunity for conversation and the pursuit of knowledge, with Teachers Village serving as a physical center for educational innovation.

Teachers can collaborate with their peers from the comfort of the InQbator at Teachers Village, while other professionals may choose to build

new platforms in education and deploy new ways of learning, testing their content with local audiences at the Q.


The InQbator will invite teachers, students, residents and neighbors to come together in a cutting-edge learning laboratory to challenge perceptions, expand horizons, and find common ground in the pursuit of education that is both entertaining and personally enriching.