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Teachers Village will restore a sense of place by activating the streetscape, along Halsey and William Streets, attracting residents, students, workers and shoppers to this dynamic new community. Teachers Village is within walking distance of University Heights, hosting over 50,000 students, faculty and administrators. It is proximate to 65,000 daytime office workers, and is located just a block away from the new 18,000 seat Prudential Center Arena that attracts over a million visitors a year to its sports and entertainment events. The Teachers Village neighborhood is the piece of the puzzle that completes the picture of a healthy, vital downtown, creating a 24/7 environment and destination for diverse populations to linger and PLAY in downtown Newark.

Teachers Village will include amenities such as:


• Restaurants

• Medical Office

• Green grocer

• And much more...

To learn more about the Schools at Teachers Village, please visit their website:


Great Oaks Charter School

Team Charter Schools

Discovery Charter School